About John Baier

I founded Oceanic Yacht Sales in 1991 and for a number of years called myself a “broker of the 50s” because I have always enjoyed actually talking to my customers, either by phone or in person while keeping track of information on 3×5 cards.  Sounds simple but I like things simple and more importantly, it’s worked.  But times are a-changing and in today’s complex world,  it’s apparently not enough anymore.  People want more. There’s the computer, social media, the iphone and something new always around the corner. Now I consider myself a “broker of the 90s.”  I send emails.

But it’s hard to shake old habits when that means truly connecting with someone who shares my love of boating and fishing.  There’s a lot of joy in that so I guess I will continue trying to know my clients, share experience and knowledge and just maybe, build friendships in the process.  I’m not saying it’s easy as it becomes harder and harder in this fast paced, “need it now” world but I am tenacious and hopeful.  That is why Oceanic’s blog which will allow our visitors to get to know me and our staff better and at a time and place convenient for you.

There have been thousands of people who have walked through our doors here in Sausalito over the past 20 years and they all suffer the same affliction.  They want to be on the water, smelling the sea air, a light breeze, the birds above, sharing with family and friends.  I discovered my “love” off the shores of Long Island in my first runabout I bought myself  at the age of 14 from money earned delivering the local newspaper, News Day.   I still have that boat.  I shipped it to Sausalito years ago and keep it at the office. Now my 15-year-old daughter, Amelia, plays with the runabout and like her father, has also discovered her love of the water and boating.

I hope to hear from you as our blog grows, answer related questions and have fun.  After all, isn’t that what boating is all about? And by the way, feel free to give me a call……..

The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate.    Joseph Priestly