Meet Lucy – Oceanic’s Newest Member

For anyone who has been involved with Oceanic over the years, they are familiar with the family of standard poodles that have greeted them at Oceanic’s door.  Each of our dogs had their own personality and considered intelligent, social as well as opinionated….they lived long, happy lives and are very much missed.

We were down to just one four pound toy poodle, Roxy, who is technically our daughter’s dog when last month, we acquired a black Lab named Lucy.  Lucy comes to us from Portland where she was my father-in-law’s dog.  However, he has since become quite ill and asked that we bring Lucy home with us to California.  We immediately said, yes.

Lucy was only born July 2011 so in many respects, is still a puppy.  She has a heart of gold but definitely needs several lessons in good manners.  So while Lucy won’t be accompanying me to the office at this time, you can expect to see her later in the year as she comes to understand what is socially acceptable and how to control her joyful exhuberance……..Image

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